Native Grill And Wings - Rude and disappearing waitstaff

Not resolved

If you want mediocre food and crappy service, then this is the place to go. Native New Yorker has been "updating" their image but new stickers and menus don't cover up the trash that is still employed at this restaurant location.

Doesn't matter if you visit when its busy or slow, same poor service. Servers are arrogant and treat you as if you're wasting their time.

They disappear after taking an order and then you're left to hail attention of another staff member for any additional service. Last occasion at this location it took over 15 minutes to have a soda replaced that was flat.

When it was time to leave, server again nowhere to be found.

Had to go to the hostess station to pay our check. Hostess then disappeared and came back with our server almost 10 minutes later, who proceeded to inform us with huge attitude, that she was our cashier as well.

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